High Summer Readathon Wrap-Up

I had a good time getting more reading done during the High Summer Readathon (hosted by Michelle at Seasons of Reading). Here’s how it turned out: My primary goal was to finish reading Sense and Sensibility for the Jane Austen Read All A-long, and I did that. (I had already read quite a bit of it,… Continue reading High Summer Readathon Wrap-Up

DMI2017, Week 29: “Mister Yummy” by Stephen King

This week’s story, brought to us by the Nine of Spades, comes once again from Stephen King’s newest (I think) collection of short stories, The Bazaar of Bad Dreams. One of the things that makes this collection so interesting (besides, of course, the excellent stories themselves) is King’s short preface to each story, wherein he gives… Continue reading DMI2017, Week 29: “Mister Yummy” by Stephen King

DMI2017, Week 28: “Pit Stop” by John Floyd

Another week, and the Seven of Clubs is keeping me in the pages of Mississippi Noir, but honestly I feel like Brer Rabbit in the briar patch with it, so I’m good. (Bonus points for catching the reference there.) And just for fun, here’s a different take on the obligatory playing card image for this week:… Continue reading DMI2017, Week 28: “Pit Stop” by John Floyd